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Dr. med. Benno E. Luetold

Dr. med.
Benno E. Luetold

„…heart and soul –
hand in hand...“
„Our goal is to provide the most advanced technology in cardiovascular imaging, invasive and non-invasive diagnostics to help identify and treat conditions sooner and to allow utilizing the most appropriate and most advanced treatment options for possible cardiovascular, cardiothoracic and vascular problems. The same time, our emphasis is laid on creating individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s overall medical needs, not only best suiting the physical but also the mental needs.”

Dipl.-Kffr. Claudia Luetold-Nussbaumer

Business Graduate
Claudia Luetold-Nussbaumer

„…it has to come from the heart…“ „What is supposed to affect the heart has to come from the heart.”
- J.-W. v. Goethe